Led Billboard

We believe that the best approach to outdoor advertising is to be flexible, and to be able to adapt to changing environments and evolving customer demands. That’s why we’re proud to offer great packages and specials for all business

Our digital LED screen located at C/o Elias Motsoaledi Rd & Rorl Street, Soweto, Johannesburg.

Also close to the following prime locations:
  • Less than a 1 KM away from Dobsonville mall
  • Engine, 2 Sasol garages in the 1KM radius
  • 2 Shoprite stores within a 3KM radius
  • Less than 1KM from Putco bus Depot
  • Less than 1KM from Rea Vaya bus Depot
  • 2km away from Midway Liquor store
  • Tsepo Themba hospital a few meters away
  • 1KM away from CTM Hardware Store
  • 1KM away from Builders Hardware Store

Video Walling

The traditional poster has also been given a digital facelift providing a flexible, dynamic and stylish alternative to the printed poster. Video walling is stylish and flexible.

Video walling have long been a practical and more aesthetically appealing method of advertising. Often combining art, imagery and branding, the posters have been used to provide visual appeal along with traditional advertising. They are also very flexible and can be placed on any wall that has the space.

Video walling enables users to display their messages more dynamically and targeted. In today`s media cluttered environment dynamic images are more appealing – and can convey considerably more information – than static ones can. Using media players video walling can provide changing imagery, including eye-catching moving images.

Touch Tables

Touch tables are a user-friendly surface computing technology offered in nearly any shape or size to suit any requirement. The turnkey multi-touch screen display, stands at 36” high, with a 30, 40 or 55” diagonal gesture-controlled screen, powerful multi-touch computer, projector and speakers.

Special effect applications can be included in the multi- touch display table. The touch technology lets people use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media content, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, manipulate art and photographs and even view advertising, in a truly unique and compelling way.

Touch Screens

Camberleighs is a distributor and manufacturer of touch screens in Africa and the rest of the world. Our touch screens are available on rental and purchase options. We also build touch screens and touch screen kiosks to specification.

Touch screens are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and offer a new easy approach for your client to interactively engage with your brand. Icons and text are big and clearon a touch screen, which makes it physically easier to select the right options. In this way, touch screens ensure that your investment in a top-rated machine pays off, since you’re more likely to use it if it’s easier to use

Camberleighs Touch Screens are perfect for:
  • Branding
  • Brochure viewing
  • Video playback
  • Website viewing
  • Brand engagement
  • Live interaction throughout your website
  • Navigation through an interactive flash presentation
  • Showing off your product features and specifications digitally
  • Conversion of a standard banner into a digital interactive video loop
  • Database building
  • Guest sign-in systems
  • Floor plan viewing and navigation screens
  • Public gaming machines
  • Point of sale

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are perfect for advertising, exhibitions, promotions and entertainment. Content can be controlled from any distance and projected onto any size with no mouse or other devices required.

Interactive displays allow for touch free interactivity that draws crowds, builds product awareness, enhances the customer experience and reinforces a high-tech brand image.

Interactive Floor


We give you a batting Experience in Virtual Reality.

While Virtual Reality (VR) allows a person to experience a simulated 3D rendering of your custom design in real-time stereoscopic imaging